What makes Zip Energy more Efficient?

We believe a fire makes a home and that fire lighting should be easy. Zip invented the kerosene firelighter back in the 1940s and even today there is no other firelighter like Zip. Formulated to light even the most difficult fuels first time, every time. For use in all indoor fires, outdoor fires and barbecues.


Conventional Firelighters Waste Energy - Zip doesn't!

Conventional Firelighters

Conventional firelighters release energy into a tall flame over a shorter period of time. Much of the energy is wasted because it is released above the fuel that needs to be lit.

Zip Energy Original Firelighters

Zip Energy Original Firelighters release more energy into a shorter flame over a longer period of time.

  • More Energy transfers into lighting the fuel
  • Less wasted Energy

 No Firelighter performs better!