Fire safety

ZIP promote the responsible use of fires and barbeques.

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Always keep your fuel (paper, wood or coal), matches, lighters and ZIP firelighters at least 6 feet away from fires, and never directly in front. Do not put them on the mantelpiece above the fire as they may fall or get nudged off.

Always keep a fireguard in front of your fire when not tending the fire. And ensure that the fireguard you use is wide and high enough to completely cover the open hearth.

Ensure you always keep an eye on your fire. It is inadvisable to leave a fire burning whilst you are out of the room, since sparks can penetrate fireguards.

Ensure your chimney is regularly swept, ideally at the onset of autumn every year. This will help prevent the build up of soot and remove birds' nests which can cause blockage and lead to chimney fires.

Do not let children light the fire, or play with fires and/or firelighters.

It is easier and safer to use matches, rather than a lighter, when igniting a fire. It's also easier to place your firelighter early in constructing a fire, with fuels placed around the firelighters and access left for a match to reach the firelighter.

Do not place firelighters into heated grates or appliances, always make sure that these have cooled to ambient temperatures.

It is advisable to place firelighters before lighting, rather than light and then add to the fire.

Avoid over adding fuel to a firelighter in the early stages of lighting fires. The firelighters perform best when there are open air channels around the firelighter.

Never eat or drink any firelighting products.

Always keep out of reach of children and pets etc.