Fire safety

ZIP promote the responsible use of fires and barbeques.

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Please be aware that it is not easy to see flames in daylight.

It's safer to use matches to ignite a BBQ fire, keeping your arm stretched out and face clear of potential flames.

Be prepared that lighter gel and liquid will start to evaporate as soon as it is poured out of it's container and can therefore ignite in the air above where it's poured. Only ignite with outstretched hand and ideally with a match rather than lighter.

Do not spray liquid firelighters onto flames.

Always dispose of the bottle immediately when emptied. It is particularly unsafe to use the bottle as a means to store other liquids (likely to be unsuitable for starting bbq fires) and may result in an accident through inadvertently using an unsafe flammable liquid.

Never eat or drink any firelighting products.

Always keep out of reach of children and pets etc.