Our business is underpinned by a number of principles concerning our environment, our business and our people. Standard Brands is committed to:

  • providing our customers with quality, safe and innovative solutions;
  • conducting our business with integrity;
  • respecting the local customs and laws in all countries where we operate;
  • protecting the health, safety, personal security and well-being of our people;
  • where possible, working towards using sustainable sources and procedures throughout our company.

Our business has operated strict quality standards from the day we opened operations 50 years ago. We have ingrained basic policies of employee vigilance and initiative, and have opened up our factory to independent customer audits. We have won awards and recognition for these practices as a consequence.

In addition to standard monitoring and quality control, our employees are encouraged to recognise Potential Quality Incidents, proposing ideas to improve quality. The resulting procedural improvements have played an important part in reducing customer complaints - as low as 1.18 complaints per million packs produced last year.

We are visited on a regular basis by our larger retail customers and/or external consultants. We maintain an open-door policy and indeed encourage such visits, not only because we are proud of our facilities here, but because our factory always makes a great impression upon all our visitors and we are always willing to learn.

ISO 9001Sustaining the highest levels of quality performance has resulted in an independent accreditation for quality ISO 9001:2008.


We would only encourage customers to visit us and as such the contact and arrangements should be made through the Standard Brands sales contact.

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